Sanlida X10 Release Aid
  • Sanlida X10 Release Aid

    Housing and jaw machined from 304 Stainless steel, high carbon steel internal fittings, Trigger and finger supports made using 6061-T6 aluminium.


    One exciting feature is the outward opening jaw, most release aids have the jaw opening into the face which can create clearance issues, not with the Sanlida X10 Release.


    The other feature is the weight at 300g, much heavier than most release aids and is due to the stainless steel construction. This added weight makes it feels very positive in the hand.


    Come with three different finger supports as well as two trigger sizes (the large model is pictured) and spare springs.


    Like a number of top end release aids also come with a jaw lock feature which allows you to practice the release with actually shooting the bow.


    Colour: Silver with Black finger supports.