Miracle X8 Limbs

Miracle X8 Limbs

Miracle X8 Target Recurve Limbs


ILF (International LImb Fitting) design.


US Brand Gordon Fibreglass and Rock Maple core limbs.

Smooth drawing, no stack, light weight and high performance limb.


Advanced limb design with slim profile limb design and reduced limb tip width for greater of limb providing the initial enhanced acceleration upon release.


Strengthen limbs butt provides reduced limb butt flex and increases limb stability at full draw


Reinforced limb tip for great durability.


Black finish.


Limbs come with individual covers for better protection.

  • Length 66inch Draw weight from 18# to 42#
  • Length 68inch Draw weight from 18# to 42#
  • Length 70inch Draw weight from 16# to 44#